Why Limex Finance

HISTORY : Limex Group soon became a financial leader

MR. ASSAAD NEMER KANSO, CEO of Limex Finance Group,

basis office at United kingdom , Lebanon & Middle East as financial and program investments strategy of the Worldwide Holdings in USA  and Avis Global energy Ltd in UK.

Mr. Assaad Kanso appointed Chairman of Avis Bank Ltd.

Mr. Assaad Kanso is the Executive Director of Worldwide Holdings Corp.  in USA. 


MISSION : you get the Money you need, when you need it.

LIMEX FINANCE is a place where faith becomes fact, dreams become reality, prophecy meets purpose and predestination becomes manifestation.

VISION : utilization of the latest financial engineering to be able to achieve its mission.

 Assist  clients with their needs in project funding involving from structured finance and venture capital, through the Group’s numerous affiliates, partnerships and Banks.

We’ve been the leaders in fast,
flexible funding since 2003.

We help our clients to achieve their objectives by thoroughly studying and analyzing each case individually and creating a specially tailored funding plan solution, according to their type of business and their financial position and fund period and amount requirements.

Today, our experience and world wide connections and experts enables us to determine the intrinsic value of both the collateral and the project for which the funds are requested, and to issue loans commitment within 72 hours, closing deals in less than a week.

Available finances can range from 25 Million Euro to a 100 Million.

We made it our responsibility to inform our clients who are in the process of choosing a their funding plan how to quantify, prioritize and define their exact goals to reach their financial targets.

We do our best to provide our clients with all the necessary information, and we always give time to our clients to think about the best solution giving them enough time to lead their own research.

If required, and when requested our experts in management, advertisement, sales, marketing and branding can also create management and administrative plans that can help you manage your business more efficient and reach your goals faster. 

Our main aim is a client who achieved all his goals through our services, with complete ease and satisfaction.   

With Limex Finance there is nothing but  Success 


Has 25+ years in Commodities (purchase/sell/import-export), Private Banking, Private Asset Management, Finance, Project Funding, Venture Capital Funding, Forex, Securities, Instruments (lease/sell) . Adviser to international banks and World Governments on financial and infrastructure matters.

Concurrently has more than 20 years experience in Planning, Design; Project Management in electrical, mechanical, automation, and control systems for industrial, plant, office, facility, architectural and environmental projects. Professional Engineering, Consulting and Project Management services in the development and implementation of facilities engineering and architectural projects. Equipment and systems design, manufacturing, fabrication and installation. Project construction and client coordination, including space planning, materials handling, automation, bulk handling, solid and liquid waste handling, food freezing and packaging, bottling, packaging, storage systems, AS/RS systems, assembly, reports and surveys, investigations and hearings, environmental impact studies, engineering and executive assignments.