About Us

Limex Finance Group has been Providing Lightning-Fast Creative Funding Solutions Since 2003

Back in 2003, we saw the need for creative financing to overcome the enormous obstacles presented by conventional loan requirements.

The response from the business community for the speed and the flexibility we offer has been exactly what we expected.

Limex finance Group soon became a financial leader, with enormous financial resources at its disposal.

Limex finance Group has recently increased it's already strong asset base, by adding over two billion nine hundred Million US Dollars ($2,900,000,000.00)of publicly traded stock, Middle East Oil Corporation (MIDH) traded on NASDAQ stock exchange.

Middle East Oil Corporation is a publicly traded stock focusing on the world's Oil and Gas industry.

Among the hundreds of successful deals, Limex Finance Group has closed land development and construction projects, commercial and industrial projects, retail centers, residential communities, hotels, and beachfront resorts.

Today, Limex Finance Group is actively seeking new funding opportunities throughout the world.

With free enterprise on the rise everywhere, we plan to play a distinctive role in helping companies of all sizes to achieve their goals.

Limex Finance Group maintains and service an active mortgage investment portfolio composed primarily of short-term commercial and investment property loans.

Over the years our group has identified several niches in the mortgage investment arena and has a proven a history of successfully obtaining consistent performance and highly beneficial services.

The company credits its tremendous growth to its creative approach, stringent loan-to-value ratios, business savvy and hands-on style, which has the principals doing work that in other lending institutions would be farmed out to “experts".