Our Services

In today's world, only a few people have the time to totally analyze their financial situation, ponder their financial future, or spend hours going through the media for the best investment opportunities at that particular point in time.

LIMEX FINACE with its full potential offers you the opportunity to provide the best investment solutions.

As a company, we have established long term relationships with many leading companies. We also have long term relationships with fund management banks.

We offer our clients the highest levels of security, confidentiality and, under their policy holder protection schemes.

Limex Finance Group offers the necessary investor protection to ensure your investments are protected against corporate failure and fund mismanagement.

Our Advisors help expatriates and international investors to identify and arrange their funds to long term requirements for investment, insurance, savings and retirement.

As the world now is fully and totally connected, we offer our clients financial and management advice on a global base throughout the globe.