Funding Your Project

why collateralized banking instruments?

Limex Finance and its affiliated Companies  seek to assist  clients with their needs in project funding involving from structured finance and venture capital. Lending requirements and investment planning is achieved through the Group’s numerous affiliates,partnerships and banks


The Group is committed to provide a specialized, high value and comprehensive service to its clients. It is constantly seeking new ideas and the utilization of the latest financial engineering to be able to achieve its mission. The Group takes pride to find the best solution for the most demanding investment profile by combining the most advanced finance products with challenging funding projects.

In order to receive funding for a small or large business to start up or expansion a business plan, is necessary get banking instruments.

This plan can only be achieve with the help of financial bank instruments such as Bank Guarantees (BG), Standby Letter of Credit (SBCL) and Promissory Note (PN), Post dated check,  etc.

We Limex group , as financial company, have the power to provide our clients those  Bank Instruments to be use as collateral to get a credit or loan from them, bank upon request and leverage their assets.

you should only provide us an insurance policy from reputable insurance company .