LIMEX FINANCE offers a wide range of finance consultancy for all customer needs and requirements. Once you seek for financial advice with one of our top Consultants, they will keep you informed on the plan chosen.

We offer our clients advice on a global basis and as a Company we are totally independent.  We can use all the products and companies in the market and offer unbiased advice. We take pride in offering on-going contact and service where ever our clients are in the world.

When we give our professional advice to our client about how to get finance and Loan for his project, we firstly consider Client servicing.

At LIMEX FINANCE we only give our clients the best levels of good service by choosing the right institutions to deal with.  Therefore, we only deal with institutions that offer you, as the client, the best possible service. We constantly monitor their achievements.

We also recommend investing in the country which is based within the stable environments.

What type of Financial Advice we offer:

  • The best financial structure depending on your needs
  • Great investment through the most appropriate generating funds
  • Peace of mind for the future
  • Innovative practical financial solutions tailor made to suit the particular individual
  • The best level of service  
  • Abide by current legislation
  • At all times be up to date with the latest innovations in the financial world.

What can clients achieve from us?

  • Detailed accurate financial analysis
  • Personal risk protection
  • Estate planning
  • Investment/Asset management

What you can expect from us

  • A comprehensive financial needs analysis
  • A long term financial plan with:
        Unbiased advice
  • Regular report back on your investments
  • Regular meetings to review your circumstances
  • Availability for consultation as needed


Limex Finance Group priorities are the set-up and maintenance of confidential accounts. For all our concerned Clients    we package their financial affairs to offer maximum protection against those who would wish to acquire such personal and confidential information.

We are very professional people when it comes to confidentiality.