Maintaining Your Financial Stability And Increasing your Wealth is not a matter of How Much You Earn or What You Do .. It’s a Matter Of Proper Management of Your Capital,  You Business, and You Finance

At LIMEX Finance Group, we do not only offer a wide selection of investments, but also we provide leading comprehensive research and resources to help you find what is right for you.

In 2003 Limex Finance Group partnered with it’s first financial institutions, creating quality and innovative investment products and services, which were both, accessible and convenient.

Since then, our reputation for program customization, strict compliance, adherence, non-proprietary selling, and reliable support has attracted and satisfied hundreds of clients and institutions all around the world.

Our financial institution partners generate billions of dollars in annual sales while consistently maintaining control of their client relationships.

The Investment Funds can be the most cost-effective way for individual investors to optimize their returns as well as diversify risks across many markets. In the U.S., Europe and Asia , individuals have found investment funds to be a convenient and effective way to save for the future.

LIMEX FiNANCE offers a wide range of investments and services, and management of funds with a program called (SHIP ) Secure High Investment Program, starting from $200,000.00 Two Hundred Thousand US Dollars, up with monthly from that can range from 1% to 3%

The Company provides monthly reports indicating the full details of the held investments, together with a review of the market and the investment performance.