Find the right investments to pursue your goals

Limex Finance Group, which has been operating successfully since 2003 to conduct investments with solutions to a wide range of business and finance predicaments using a wide range of services, such as risk management, underwriting, trade markets, projects financing, credit analysis of publicly traded institutional companies.

The company specializes in equity, bonds, banking instruments and structured income products. Our investment philosophy will be articulated around several key points.

  • Quality Focus -Emphasizes on conservative fund management and capital preservation via fundamental financial analysis
  • Intermediate Maturities -The average portly duration should remain moderate, in order to ensure the credit selection , not interest rate. And this is the main driver of performance. 
  • Total Return-Yield is not the only focus, but rather the total return, which involves capital appreciation
  • Expertise - Focuses on the market sectors the investment manager has recognized expertise and a trade record, hence the ability to deliver attractive returns. 

Creating an investment plan can be a little tricky, but an extremely rewarding experience.

The key to having a solid and fully customized plan is to know what your financial goals are and make sure your plan fit your needs.

Investment plans are extremely popular because many people -due to the unstable job market- are trying to save for their retirement.

Creating a customized plan help investors buy a set number of stocks, bonds, and funds at regular intervals.

This occurs automatically and does not require the investors constant attention.

“We are always willing to go the distance for any client no matter where they are located”.