LIMEX FINANCE Group is able to assist clients to provide funds to finance projects through large Investors over the world.

Our Company has introduced new financial services for big projects to help our clients ,for Acquisitions, Development, Construction and trade  by getting banking instruments to be use as collateral in their bank to secure credit line or loan , all of them provided as Collaterals such as (Bank Guarantee , Standby Letter of credit Proof of Funds, Safekeeping Receipt, Promissory Note, etc.....) all those banking instruments issued from rated AA Bank, the maturity date would be for one year and one day able to extend.

we are a financial company that have collaterals placed in different banks to facilitate our job ,With fast respond within 72 hours If you are interesting in this work we can deliver to you any financial solution to your needs.

In compliance with our procedure we require the following documents:

  •  Executive summary of the project
  •  Company Profile
  •  Person in charge of the company
  •  The information sheet of the client
  •  Sign the Mandate to our company
  •  Insurance policy

Limex Finance Group is the only lender that gives you:

  • Fast Turnaround
  • 3 Days for Commitment
  • Closing in as little as 7 days
  • Loan amounts from Euro 25 million to over Euro100 million
  • Flexible loan term up to 5 years
  • Rates start from 9% per annum.

Fast Commitments and Rapid Closings On Any Size Loan

When you’re ready, so are we. Our versatile loan criteria means we close deals that others simply can’t. We have the acumen and flexibility to analyze your special situation and build a loan that meets your goals. We keep the process moving quickly so you’ll have your money in just a few days.