Limex, an International Energy Conservation Technologies Company, establishing offices in Beirut, Lebanon since March 2008,in collaboration with the world’s leading power conversion inventors. Over the past 26 years, we have generated 28 national and international patents involving radio frequency excited plasma sputtering, electronic dimming ballasts and controls for fluorescent lamps, optical sensors for day light harvesting, electronic ballasts for fluorescent and HID lamps, Pulse Power Distribution System (PPDS) combining the advantages of both induction and conventional gas discharge technology, creating an ultra-efficient electrode-less high quality ballast, Current Correction System (CCS), Healthy Bio lamps and Hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Strategic Planning: While Limex has five commercially viable technologies in initial stages of development, the current funding proposal is directed primarily at development of the hydrogen fuel cell because of the immediate interest in commercialization of technologies to create energy self-sufficiency.
Due to the complex nature of technology development, final commercial production is at least a two or three year cycle Limex HID: Landmark features such as low turn-on AC inrush current, near unity power factor, very low total harmonic distortions (THD), pre-heating lamp filaments by programmed frequency sweep, and 100% down to 1% continuous frequency dimming (1996) patent, set new standards for the fluorescent lamp ballast industry. Limex’s electronic ballasts for HID lamps are a continuation and extension of these advanced design concepts. Our primary goal is to provide our customers with the most advanced and reliable electronic ballasts for HID lamps at an affordable price. In order to assure the long-term reliability, we perform a 100% quality check in our factory in China. The ballasts are also burned-in before shipping.